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Kizer Luxury E CIGAR


Historically, Cigar smoking has been synonymous with significant wealth, power and sophistication. Excitingly the old way of Cigar smoking now has a new modernized twist! We are thrilled to introduce THE KIZER LUXURY E CIGAR!

Innovative Design


The K.L.E.C grants you the option to vape whatever you desire and more importantly know what you're vaping. The refillable cartridge can easily be filled with Nicotine, CBD or THC. This enchanting product is an exact replica of a traditional Cigar, from the appearance, to the smooth and firm feeling. 

Luxury LifeStyle


Upgrading your style and personal image is a prerequisite to dominating a room and becoming an individual who is a symbolic of success. Dare to indulge in this traditional symbol of eminence.

There Is Only One Way  To Vape,,,